Introduction to Color Guard Uniforms

Color guard uniforms add a splash of color and glamour to marching band performances. Colorful and stylish, these uniforms are also designed to be flexible so wearers can perform various stunts with ease. There are various styles of color guard uniforms, which are also composed of different components such as stretch black pants, leotards and tunics. These pieces make up a color guard uniform that is flashy and fun especially when enhanced by other accessories such as hats, batons, gloves, and other props.

Uses for Band Color Guard Uniforms

Color Guard Uniforms
These uniforms are worn by the color guard or the team of dancers that accompany the marching band and dance to the band music. Color guards perform in most football games, but they are also seen with the marching band on parades and in other presentations.

Material and Cut

Color Guard Uniforms
Color guard uniforms are made of cotton, Spandex and Lycra blends. These materials are ideal because they allow the skin to breathe but also allow added flexibility for complicated dance moves. Uniforms with Lycra blends can often do without sequins since the material is shiny by itself. The pants are also made of the same material. These are smooth and typical match the color of the rest of the uniform or in simple black. The cotton and Spandex material offers support but they are not too tight so that they still follow the contours of the body. Pants flare down a little at the calf.

Importance of Colors and Patterns in Color Guard Uniforms

Color Guard Uniforms
These uniforms are known for their colors and jazzy designs. Sequins and netting are popular embellishments as well. Sequins and anything that reflects light are ideal for these uniforms because they bounce back stadium lighting and help accentuate the dancers’ movements. The colors used are also chosen because they stand out. In some cases, colors are chosen to create a pattern during each performance. However, most colors are chosen because they are vibrant and are noticeable from afar. Uniforms may come with various designs to suit the type of dance number the team is set to perform. Uniforms may be styled with cut-outs according to the traditional design of the squad or school.

How to Select Color Guard Uniforms

Color Guard Uniforms
High school color guard uniforms should be tailored according to the school colors. High school or male color guard uniforms should be done in bright school colors to allow the audience to identify the school the dancers represent. Black and white can be included but should be chosen with care since black may not be too noticeable and white easily gets dirty, so pure white and pure black are not good options. The material is also very important. Cotton and Spandex blends are the best since these are light and breathable and they are also very flexible. It is also a good idea to choose manufacturers that specialize in these uniforms since these manufacturers follow the industry standards especially when it comes to sewing. A different sewing technique is utilized for these uniforms to ensure that no wardrobe malfunctions occur in the middle of a performance.